Prime Time Montessori School

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our students with a high-quality education in a safe and nurturing environment hence they can succeed academically and socially and become the leaders of future generations.

Prime Time Montessori School

Our Philosophy

We believe the Montessori method of education is a great way to achieve our mission. This approach is a child-centered methodology based on the idea that children are self-motivated and learn through their senses. Our classrooms are carefully prepared by the teachers with specialized materials that are multi-sensorial and provide control of errors, which allows the child to check their work instead of seeking out the teacher. These qualities help to develop the children's concentration, coordination, sense of order, self-discipline, and independence. Children will learn at their own pace, developing self-esteem and social and emotional skills, preparing them for higher education and building a strong foundation for future learning.

Our School Why Prime Time Montessori

Prime Time Montessori School has two classrooms, one for Toddlers and one for Preschoolers. Being a small size school has many benefits. All the teachers get to know every student, and our children are familiar with all the teachers. It is like a family. We like to pass this warm feeling to our young learners and their parents.

Our teachers carefully prepare their classrooms following the Montessori guidance and tailoring it to their students' needs.

We are preparing our children for the future. We want to give them all the opportunities and expose them to different experiences so they can develop their capabilities and become future leaders. That is why we are integrating STEM into our curriculum because we believe that interacting with science from an early age helps build our children's logical and critical minds and problem-solving skills.

These activities will bring out the curiosity in our children and the willingness to learn and be open to new concepts. All these attributes create the foundations for future learning. Also, we have Spanish and Music as enrichment activities, enhancing creativity, mental flexibility, and memory.

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Our Team


Ms. Yuri

Owner & Director, Prime Time Montessori School
My name is Yuraima Delgado, I am the Owner and Director of Prime Time Montessori School. I believe that Montessori education brings out the best in the children and creates a strong foundation for future learning. I earned my Montessori Teaching Credential in 2013. I have been working with preschoolers since 2011, which is my passion. Before becoming a Montessori-certified teacher, I worked in Finance for two technology corporations. I am a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association (PNMA). I am a native Spanish speaker. In my free time, I enjoy handcrafting, reading, traveling, and spending time with my family.

Ms. Anitha

Preschool Program Lead Teacher
I am the Preschool Lead Teacher. Teaching has been my passion since my childhood. I love the saying: "teachers are the ladders who help the children to climb over them to reach the heights." I love to work with our children, which boosts my energy and happiness. I love to do art using various materials. I like to draw, paint, glass paintings, and artwork using plaster-of-parts. I completed a Master's in Computer application in India.
Ivette 3

Ms. Ivette

Toddler Program Lead Teacher
I am the Toddler Lead Teacher. I am from Mexico and am a native Spanish speaker. I like to spend time outdoors with my family and pets! I have been working with kids of different ages for about 7 years. I enjoy witnessing the enthusiasm, curiosity, and joy the toddlers show during the learning process. I'm very passionate about my job because it allows children to become more independent and learn to trust their skills and abilities from a young age. It's encouraging to see my young students immersed and fully engaged in the learning that our nurturing environment has to offer.

Ms. Anna

Afternoon Teacher & Supervisor
I am the Afternoon Teacher and Supervisor. I volunteered one year before officially joining Prime Time Montessori in Nov. 2019. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico. I am a college student working toward a business degree. I am currently part of my college's honor society. I speak four languages: Spanish, English, Italian, and German. I enjoy outdoor activities like camping and swimming. I love working with children and helping them explore new things while embracing their creativity. Teaching is something very special and rewarding to me. Knowing that I am helping children grow into happy, tolerant, and curious people is something I take very seriously and will always be grateful for.
Amy 2

Ms. Amy

Preschool Assistant Teacher
I am the Preschool Assistant Teacher. I volunteered in many different childcare programs ever since I was a teenager. I am currently working on my Early Childhood Education certificate. I have always enjoyed working with children and hope I can help to shape their future.
Alayshia 2

Ms. Alayshia

Afternoon Assistant Teacher
I am the Afternoon Assistant Teacher at Prime Time Montessori School. I am a high school student. I enjoy doing outdoor activities, crocheting, and playing with children. If I were to describe myself in three words, I would consider myself amicable, honest, and empathetic.
Denisse 2

Ms. Denisse

Music Teacher
I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, to a musical family with supportive parents who understood the importance of early exposure to music education. I started piano studies at age 8, and it soon became apparent that I had found my passion and have never stopped playing since. At age 18, I moved to Slovakia for a year, where I continued my piano studies, after which I moved to the USA, where I earned a baccalaureate degree in Leisure Services Management and a German Literature minor from Brigham Young University in Utah. Ever since I moved to Sammamish in 2015, I have enjoyed running my piano studio and intermittently teaching general music lessons to toddlers and preschool-aged children. I find great joy in giving young children the opportunity to develop their rhythm and musicality as an integral part of their education.

Ms. Sonali

Toddler Assistant Teacher

Ms. Rajaa

Toddler Assistant Teacher